Nothing brings your team closer together than an exciting team event.

Usually events like these involve a lot  of preparation time and money, therefore we have created the Online-Mystery. 
Your team solves an exciting crime case with real actors online via video call. You investigate together, question important witnesses and suspects , check alibis and important clues in order to finally convict the perpetrator.  
We take over the entire organisational work, plan the crime event individually for you and make sure that your event will be remembered for months to come.

More than 15'000 impressed participants
per year.

That's what our investigators say:

"The actors were a real highlight for me! It was a really great experience.“"I never would have expected to get such an arc of tension online." „Ich hätte nie erwartet, dass man Online solch einen Spannungsbogen hinbekommt."
" My highlight: The whole package - from the videos to the criminal file to the witness statements. You could completely slip into the role of the detective, think about theories with the group, have fun and spend a great evening together."
"It was an extremely cool company event that I can definitely recommend to everyone. The game was very well thought through, the case was not too easy but also not too hard. We had a great experience as a team."

99% of all investigators are impressed by our Online-Mystery!

This is what makes your Online-Mystery a legendary team event:

With us, your team experiences a unique thriller adventure. You will become heroes together. We offer:

 Live actors:


Our professional actors will make you laugh. They provide an exciting, true-to-life crime experience with lots of action and fun.





With us you don't just watch, but actively solve an exciting crime case together. You become part of the special commission, receive a criminal file, interrogate witnesses played live by professional actors and investigate clues.



The Online Mystery strengthens your team spirit! Only through successful communication and teamwork can you solve the case and catch the perpetrator.

Advantages of online events over conventional offline events:

Save time & money



You save time and money by eliminating travel costs and travel time.




The event is CO2-neutral



Connected worldwide


Regardless of which cities, countries or continents you are in, you investigate together as a team.

Our crime cases:

The Trail of Glass

An exciting Mafia story

A young woman is found shot dead in her best friend's apartment. Was it a crime of passion or is there perhaps more to it? Take over the investigation and solve the case.



Level of difficulty: 🧨 🧨

The Dark Eye

Conspiracy story of a special kind

The body of a professor is found by his daughter. Everything points to a natural death. But the dead man left a mysterious video message shortly before his demise, which puzzles the police. In it, he warns of a secret society that was banned in the mid-17th century.


Level of difficulty: 🧨 🧨


Deadly Web

Exciting thriller in the medical field

Vivian Sommer finds her husband, Marc Sommer, plunged into the empty pool. Is it just a clumsy accident or is there more to it? Be part of the special commission, take over the investigation and solve the case.



Level of difficulty: 🧨 

The Hacker Attack


A hacker attack on your company

You receive a blackmail message: Your server has been encrypted. If you do not transfer 5 million to an account in the Cayman Islands within the next 90 minutes, your server will remain encrypted forever.

Find out who the perpetrator is and where he is before it is too late. Can you solve the case together?


Level of difficulty: 🧨 🧨

The Red Diamond

Two young women die in a scooter accident while travelling in Thailand. An eyewitness reports that they were run over by a white van. It quickly becomes clear that one of the two women is the well-known Instagram model Luisa Hi. Was it just an accident or is there more to it? Find out who the perpetrator is and where he is before it is too late. Can you solve the case?
Level of difficulty: 🧨 🧨 🧨

A Jolly Christmas

Christmas special
A Santa is knocked down while getting into his car. His bag of presents is found a few blocks away. A few presents are unwrapped and scattered on the floor. What happened? Why is someone robbing Santa? Take over the investigation and solve the case.
Level of difficulty: 🧨 🧨

How exactly does an Online-Mystery work?

The process at a glance

Your individual Online-Mystery team event with little effort:

We need these informations from you:

  • Date & time
  • Number of participants
  • Crime case you would like to solve
  • List of participants

We take care of all the rest

  • Complete organisation of your team
  • Sending invitations to participants
  • Implementation of the Online-Mystery
  • Supervision of technically unskilled participants
  • Enthusiasm of your team

We are also happy to advise you if you do not yet have a specific date!

Requests at short notice are also possible. In most cases we can conjure up an event for you within 24 hours! So don't worry if you're running late.

Our crime team:

Nathalie J. Sameli - The Boss

Patrik Schmidlin - The Right Hand

Sandro Weber - The Sly

Mehtap Oezkan - The Falcon

Elif Kaplan - The Ear

Axel Woltmann - The Brain

Simone Brunner - The Woman for all Cases

Raphaela Gisler - The Eye

Estephany Becerra - The Face

Sarah Baeriswyl - The Machine

Coralie Schöchlin - The Maker

Sabrina Binggeli - The Kid

Janice Turgut - The Pen

and over 150 actors and actresses

Do you still have questions?

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions:

  • 01 – Booking

    With the booking you and your friends, family or colleagues receive:

    • A crime file with information about the murder case.
    • A message from the commissioner with the most important information about the online detective story.
    • A short technical introduction, in case you feel unsure.

    It is best to take a few moments to look through the information and think about what you would ask as an investigator. 

    Take notes and try to work your way through the case file to best prepare yourself for the case.


    02 – Just before the game starts

    Fifteen minutes before the game starts, you can check in at ZOOM. You will receive the link to this video platform via e-mail. Please be on time.

    Here you will find the video instructions on how to download and install ZOOM.


    03 – Preparing the online crime story 

    • The commissioner will welcome you and your team and inform you abour the latest findings.
    • Together you will be divided into small teams of 4-6 people and directed to a private chat room.


    03 – During the Online-Mystery 

    • Start investigating and discuss your findings as a team (all online!)
    • Interview real suspects and analyze clues
    • The investigation centre will support you by telephone in checking the alibis.
    • Towards the end of the Online-Mystery, each team has the opportunity to apply for an arrest warrant and thus catch the murderer.
    • The case is then solved and the award ceremony takes place. 

    04 – After the game

    • After the game, we invite those who wish to join us for a virtual aperitif. Have your favorite drink ready. There's nothing better than toasting together after the online detective story and talking about what you've just experienced. Almost like in real life!
    • Of course, you can also give us your feedback here.
  • The Online-Mystery is suitable for:

    • Families with children from 12
    • Friends
    • Teams
    • Clubs
    • Couples
    • Individuals

    Level of difficulty: Beginner to advanced

    The Online-Mystery is suitable for all those who would like to be Sherlock for one day, who enjoy crime series and films, who like crime novels and would like to try out an adventurous crime game.

  • Material needed:

    • Digital or printed file
    • Pen and paper
    • Mobile phone / tablet / computer with internet connection and headphones as well as sufficient battery power
    • ZOOM (you can download it for free, there are no additional costs for you!)
  • Please go to in good time beforehand and create a free account for yourself and download the program. Take the free registration and when you agree to the advertising you can select "unsubscribe completely" (nothing happens, except that you don't get an e-mail from ZOOM) Please register with your full name, do not use nicknames, so that your teammates know your name. You can participate with ZOOM using a computer with a camera and microphone, a tablet or a mobile phone. The mobile phone display doesn't look so fancy, because you see less of the other participants. But of course it is practical. 

    Select the option "Always use computer audio when entering a meeting". It is best to use headphones to minimize background noise.

    Please log in 10-15 minutes before the start.
  • Yes of course you can. If you feel unsure, just take a look at our short technical introduction.
  • Yes, definitely. The Online-Mystery is designed for people who don't normally game for hours on end.
  • That's not an issue. Just let the game director know when you check in and we'll assign you together.
  • With your mobile phone, your tablet or your computer. You just need headphones and internet. A camera is an advantage, but not necessary.
  • We will send you a ZOOM link so that you can install the program on your device. If you then click on the link, you will automatically be taken to the right place.
  • Don't worry! It will work! Just try it out. No risk no fun.